Team Officials

Club officers are elected every year in December and Captain/Selectors are elected at the beginning of the fall season.


  • President: David Dickerson – “BFD”
  • Vice President: Tim Suess – “Juice”
  • Match Secretary: Kasey Erb – “Sad Kasey”
  • Social Secretary: Jeremiah McClure – “Amish”
  • Communications: Charles Augustine – “Up Chuck”
  • Treasurer: Paul Gessner – “Saul”
  • Corporate Development: Woodward Plante – “Woody”

Captain, Selectors & Coach

  • Captain: Nick St. Nick “Lil’Nicky”
  • Coaches: Bill Brownley, Simon Smith “Accent”, Benjamin Wojtasik “Woj”, Jeremy Hoover “Hoover”, Peter Lengyel “Cunning”