Team Officials

Club officers are elected every year in December and Captain/Selectors are elected at the beginning of the fall season.


  • President: David Dickerson – “BFD”
  • Vice President: Tim Suess – “Juice”
  • Match Secretary: Kasey Erb – “Sad Kasey”
  • Social Secretary: Scott Higgins – “Milk Man”
  • Communications: Jose Garcia – “Pebbles”
  • Treasurer: Paul Gessner – “Saul”
  • Corporate Development: Dan George – “Big Nuts”

Captain, Selectors & Coach

  • Captain: Sebastian “Seabass”
  • Backs Selector: 
  • Forwards Selector: 
  • Coach: Announcement Dec 2017

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3 days ago

West Potomac Rugby

Whatever higher power you believe in, they really hate West Potomac Rugby Practice. Practice cancelled today due to, you guessed it, a torrential downpour... ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

West Potomac Rugby

Though a game wasn’t played, feats of athleticism were still on display at Old Boy Young Boy. We settled the age old question of who could run 100 meters(ish) faster! Was it Old Boy BFD (plus six seconds) or Young Boy Dan? ... See MoreSee Less


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Old Boys won the Boat Race...and are your 2018 OB vs YB Champions!

Ramming speed.

I'm just putting out there that a 6 second head start is ridiculous. Lol

I am pretty sure BFD would have won even without a head start. Yes, I said it.

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5 days ago

West Potomac Rugby

As Sevens starts and Fifteens ends, West Pot comes together for some time honored traditions. The Pig Roast at Casa de Gessner may be the most important! Come bring a dish or two and join us from 1-8 on June 9th!
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