Excedi Universum

The West Potomac RFC motto is Excedi Universum, “Everything in Excess.”  We have established an award to honor those players who have exemplified this during their careers with the club. The award recognizes:

1 – Longevity in providing on the field contributions as a Young Boy and/or Old Boy in accordance with the West Potomac Values;
2 – Length of service to the club in elected positions to include Officer, Captain and/or Coaching roles; and,
3 – Enhancing and growing the sense of community both within the Club as well as the greater Washington, D.C. region.

The Excedi Universum Award has been established as the highest honor that WPRFC can award to any team member – and has been in their honor.  In addition, the Excedi Universum Fund has been established to recognize their contributions and help improve team operations. This Strategic Fund is focused on improving team competitiveness through additional coaching, clinics, equipment

Often the recipients of the Excedi Universum Award have provided cash flow to the club for decades.

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The West Potomac Values

Strength on the field.
Courage in the scrum.
Determination in the face of adversity.
Peace among brothers.
Sincerity in word and deed.
Loyalty to the club.
Perseverance in getting beer.